an icy winter

 My parents live in Eastern Ontario, Canada, they were hit by a huge ice storm last weekend - just in time for our Holiday arrival. Every single tree, branch, wire - absolutely everything outside is covered in ice, but I must say, it's quite beautiful. 
Canada also comes with it's fair share of low (and I mean low) temperatures - while we've been here, it's dropped to -13 F (-25 C), so staying warm is key. 

I never sacrifice warmth for style. Three things I never leave the house without in the winter: hat, cozy scarf and gloves. In my opinion, these three accessories add warmth and style to any winter look. 
I'm still on the hunt for the perfect puffer coat, so for now I'm all about the layers. I've been layering my faux fur vest with my long wool coat and it's been keeping me quite warm.

I hope everyone had a magical and relaxing holiday with family and loved ones. We're heading back to Boston on Monday - just in time for New Years. 

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  1. So stylish even in these perfectly put together look Ola! Hope you had the best holiday ever!!!


  2. Very very cute! Happy Holidays!

    x Shirley

  3. Great winter look! Even though the ice storm wrecked havoc on a large part of the province, ice covered trees sure do make for a beautiful backdrop :)

  4. lovely pics!! great outfit

    kisses and happy new year!

  5. You look so cozy!

  6. Glad to see you enjoyed the winter season. I love your hat - looks great on you.

    ~ Evelyn of AND


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